Ramiz and Charlea in the Nathalia Gown

When Charlea and Ramiz visited The Gosfield Hall in the Essex countryside, it was love at first sight! This special mansion boasted incredible architecture, historic artwork, gold accents, grand ceremony, entertaining spaces and impressive chandeliers. 

bride and groom dancing the night away

A Modern Love Story

The couple’s love story began at work, just as Ramiz handed in his notice. In their first month together, they kept their romance a secret at the office. Their first date was a funny affair - Ramiz invited Charlea out for tapas at a nearby restaurant. They planned a discreet exit, hoping to avoid prying eyes. But fate had other plans. Around the corner came the Finance Manager, catching them off guard. 

Bride, laughing while exchanging vows
Bride and groom sharing a romantic kiss
Bride and groom dancing the night away

An Elegant and Grand Celebration in the Essex Countryside

Charlea and Ramiz tied the knot in the Essex countryside. Their wedding celebration was held at a historic country home and former royal residence; the Gosfield Hall. The event space was filled with unmatched architecture, historic artwork, gold accents, traditional ceilings, and a grand ceremonythe perfect manor to leave a lasting impression.


“It was love at first sight during our very first visit”, the bride shares.The color theme was gold and white, an elegant and timeless pairing to complement the venue's beauty. The couple hired an event stylist and absolutely loved how it turned out. The venue was adorned with white flower balls in clear vases, along with fresh baby’s breath and candles lining the aisle. Charlea's attention to detail was unparalleled. From her dress and accessories to personalized embroidered bouquet ribbons and vow books, no detail was overlooked.  

bride and groom, dancing
Bride and groom, serving champagne coupes
bride, holding a flower bouquet
bride and groom walking in the garden

A Personalized Touch

Charlea’s celebration was brimming with creativity. The couple printed out and handcrafted 100 calligraphy names, carefully writing over them with a gold pen and cutting and tying meters of black organza ribbon into bows. “It was incredibly time-consuming, but we loved how they looked at the end,” she shares.


Charlea also organized the champagne coupes that she and the bridesmaids would savor during their morning girl time. She adorned these with pearl dots. The stationery and signage were designed on Canva. From invitations to the big welcome sign and seating plan, everything was crafted with love. “I am so glad I did it myself,” she shares.  

Bride, raising a toast with her bridesmaids
Bride, raising a toast with her bridesmaids
Welcome sign to the wedding

Saying Yes to Nathalia

It took more than a couple of dresses for Charlea to find her dream gown. The bride had a specific vision in mind and could not find the right one. “I wasn't initially looking for a lace wedding dress”, she shares. The brief for her grand entrance? A modern, timeless, and confident ensemble. When Charlea visited our London boutique, she tried on a few of our modern silk designs. Eventually, she made her way to the Nathalia gown.



"The minute I put it on, I felt so comfortable and confident." 



The dress felt unique, like nothing she had seen before. While it didn't exactly match her initial silhouette vision, it felt like it was made for her body. Charlea's sister and two other brides in the boutique instantly approved. The Nathalia gown not only suited the venue perfectly but also boasted the chic vibe Charlea was looking for. Known for following fashion trends, Charlea surprised everyone with her unique choice.

Bride standing outside
bride and groom in the venue

Dancing the Night Away

They say “beauty is pain”, but that couldn’t be more wrong. You don’t need to suffer to be beautiful. We always say that you look your best when you feel your very best. When Charlea arrived at the venue, she forgot to put stiletto caps on her wedding shoes, causing her to sink into the grass and catch the gown's embellishment on her lining. Eventually, she decided to wear those shoes only for the ceremony and portraits.


For the rest of the day, she opted for comfy Zara wedges. As for her reception dress, Charlea had planned to change into a short dress for the evening to dance freely. Surprisingly, she felt so comfortable in Nathalia that she forgot about her reception gown. "The day went by in such a blur, and I felt so comfortable," she explains. The abandoned reception dress was found hanging in the bridal suite the next morning. Fortunately, it didn’t stop Charlea from hitting the dance floor all night long.  


wedding shoes
bride and groom

Words of Wisdom

As you're planning your wedding, a lot of clichés arise. "All the clichés' people tell you are true,". Don't sweat the small stuff—nobody will notice if things are off schedule, just go with it.the bride shares. Charlea's words of wisdom are not to let nervousness affect you on your special day.


Eventually, it'll be a mix of nerves and love! Charlea became very calm as soon as she saw her husband-to-be for the first time. She simply realized it was all happening, and that every guest was there to support them and celebrate their love. One last little tip: Always pack a bridal bag to be left by your bridal chair. "It was so handy to have my perfume, powder and lipstick on hand as the day rolled on," she explains. 


wedding dress: nathalia gown
bridal earrings: gucci
GROOM OUTFIT: hugo boss
photographer: imogen eve photography
VIDEOGRAPHER: ngm weddings
WEDDING VENUE & catering: gosfield hall
florisT: one flowers
hair stylisT: chloe couper
makeup artist: eleanor vess