Styled By: Elin Warn

Photographed in the captivating landscapes of Italy, content creator Elin Warn wears our new Muse capsule collection referencing European bridal dreams.  

Colage of Models in Cupid and Aire gowns and tulips

Swedish content creator, Elin Warn, inspires through her aesthetically curated feed. As an avid traveler, her content takes her followers through the lens of European daydreams, alongside beauty, styling, and wholesome living. 

We partnered with Elin for our Muse campaign, whose fashion-forward creative vision seamlessly resonates with the Grace ethos. With complete creative freedom over styling and photography, Elin and her team crafted stunning imagery amidst the picturesque settings of Palazzo Petrvs and Hotel Villa Clementina in Italy, a European wedding vision. 

Elin captures Mediterranean styling through her non-traditional bridal look. Adorned in our Mavi gown complemented by a head scarf, Elin pays homage to Italian traditions while staying true to the cultural essence of the shoot location. The capsule collection is further enhanced by an array of large pearls and chunky necklaces, reflecting her distinct sense of style.  

Model in Mavi gown with back detailing
Tulip cart with guests in the background
A deconstructed sample of the Cupid gown with design notes
Models toasting their wine glasses wearing Grace gowns
Guests holding their tulip bouquets
Mini pastries
Wine being poured into glasses
Models in the Cupid and Aire gown