Rolando y Elisa en el Alexandra

The dream elopement we all wish we had... A combination of intimacy and romance - Elisa shows us how to aboslutely rock the Alexandra Gown in Santorini, Greece.

Bride and groom hugging overlooking Santorini houses

¿Qué es para ti una mujer GRACE?

A woman with style and sophistication who dares to be different.

Grace Loves Lace bride wearing the Alexandra gown and Dosa Sand heels

¿Qué vestido GRACE elegiste y cómo supiste que era "el elegido"?

When I arrived at the GLL Miami showroom my bridal consultant Isabel knew I was a last minute bride. Isabel organized a complete list of gowns I was interested in to show which were available in my size. The process couldn’t have been smoother and well organized. Every dress I tried on I loved but when I put on the Alexandra gown I knew this gown was for me. This gown not only fit me perfectly but it also didn’t need any alterations! I was in complete shock with this. How did I get so lucky to have found a gown that was not only so beautiful but also, not in need of any alterations. This Alexandra gown was the very last one in my size in stock and I was lucky enough to get it. I knew from then that this was the gown I was to wear for my special day.

Grace bride wearing The Alexandra gown being married by a celebrant in white suit
Bride and groom kissing underneath a blush flower arbour overlooking the water
Groom lifting his new wife wearing a lace dress

¿Qué es lo que más te gusta de tu vestido y accesorios GRACE?

I loved how comfortable it was to move in my gown. The Alexandra gown made me feel sexy with the low back yet elegant with the high neck.

Bride and groom walking through a narrow walkway in Santorini

La bata Alexandra

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Bride wearing a high neck lace dress with front split and long train

Describe tu look del día de la boda...

I was going for a romantic, classy, and sexy look with some bohemian. My wedding design style was a mixture of romantic and bohemian.

Bride wearing the Grace Loves Lace Alexandra kissing her husband at a pastel sunset
Bride and groom surrounded by candles and blush arbour at sunet

¿Cómo se lo propuso?

He knew that I’ve always been a sunset lover. So he proposed to me at golden hour in Cancun, Mexico while we were on vacation. Just like the proposal at sunset we also took pictures during the beautiful Santorini Sunset.

Groom wearing a cream suit with his bride underneath candle light
Bride and groom watching the sun set in Greece with and intimate candlelit dinner

Cualquier consejo de belleza/salud/fitness o de preparación para la boda que puedas compartir...

I regularly practice intermittent fasting. I eat dinner no later then 7pm and take my lunch the next day at 11am. I truthfully believe this helps boost your metabolism and increase your energy. Since I work in healthcare this practice was easy for me to maintain, mornings are often the busiest and many times there was no time to have breakfast. Simply having a cup of black coffee every morning quickly became my routine.

Bride wearing lace dress sitting with groom in cream suit and black loafers
Bride wearing the Grace Loves Lace Alexandra wedding dress holding white bouquet
Candle lit two person dinner overlooking the water

¿Cuál era el objetivo de tu boda / qué era lo más importante para ti?

My goal for my wedding was just to be focused on each other. We didn’t want the stress of a big wedding. We wanted to it to be very intimate and romantic so we could truly enjoy ourselves and not have to worry about anything else going on.

El momento más divertido del día fue...

Cutting the cake with a butcher looking knife since they forget to bring a cake knife. The groom not being able to fix his hair and our photographer Chris acting as his hair stylist.

Bride wearing a lace long train and groom hugging
Groom barefoot kissing his new wife at sunset

¿Qué fue lo más estresante de la planificación?

Truthfully I felt planning this was as stress free as could be for planning a wedding because we decided to elope. However, our stress came from planning this elopement overseas. The stress of traveling during Covid and not knowing if we would make it to Santorini.

Cualquier último consejo o palabra de sabiduría que puedas compartir...

My advice for anyone planning a wedding or elopement would be to expect the unexpected but trust that everything will work out the way it’s supposed to be for you. Just like how I found my gown last minute, things will happen for a reason. So trust the process and let go, everything will fall into place.